just a moment to enjoy

By chrissel


... saw it from the train :) Now, I’ve survived all the changes in London (felt soooo stressful to me) and I am waiting at Stansted airport. My flight isn’t until 19.15 but my friend has to make all the way back to the Island. So I’m early, sitting in front of the big sign what shows the gates, near the gates so nothing can’t really go wrong anymore... feeling sad because goodbyes from special friends are sad, feeling happy as I had a very special time... looking forward to Elli tonight and my family :) So very mixed feelings... Thanks my friend for making me feel special and spoiling me :) And thank you all for your wonderful comments, stars and hearts on yesterday’s blip and for sharing my English adventure with me :)
The extra shows the peaceful place I left today... those two thin trees always tell me that I am near my ‘English home’ :)

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