Castle Geusselt

Castle Geusselt is a castle in Maastricht. The largely 17th-century castle is located in the Geusseltpark in the district Wittevrouwenveld, in the northeast of the municipality of Maastricht.

The name Geusselt is probably derived from the word goysen (= gouges, streams), thus referring to the many water in this originally swampy area.

The first buildings at this location probably dates from the 14th century, but the oldest history of the castle has not yet been clarified. The first mention dates from 1381. The first known owner was Han van Herte, but was also known as Jan van Goisselt. At the beginning of the 16th century, the castle was owned by the Van Blitterswijk family. In 1541, Andries van Pallant, the scout of Maastricht, owns. Charles van Pallant sold the castle to the Dominicans of Maastricht, who sold it before 1662 to Willem Schellart, canon of the chapter of Saint Servaas. In 1678 the castle came into the possession of the Van Brienen family, who lived in it until the end of the 19th century.

In the 18th century the castle was extended with two side wings. In 1954 the municipality of Maastricht bought the castle and it was restored, with several outbuildings being demolished. In 1997 the castle was restored. Recent users were a real estate agent, Monumentenzorg Limburg and the group Avenue2 (the builders of the Koning Willem-Alexander Tunnel).

The still existing main building of the castle dates from around 1620 and was thoroughly renovated in 1657, as evidenced by the inscription on a memorial stone. The entrance was moved to the middle part of that conversion and decorated with marlstone decorations. The wings were fixed to the main building around 1800. The brick bridge over the moat dates from around 1830.

Current occupation
At the moment Beautiful plastic surgery is located in the castle. The interior is a relaxing, open and above all unique experience for the customers upon arrival, but also in the reception room and treatment room.

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