Bleurgh, phantom hangover today thanks to this virus.  Had a really productive day at work though.

In other news, my Mum went home today!  Spoke to her this evening and she was enjoying a glass of bubbly - first drink in a couple of weeks, so she sounded happily sozzled.  Good for her!  She's feeling so much better now, and stronger too, so I think the respite care has really done its job.

Oh and other excitement today - I've discovered that one particular route via the new bit of highwalk is actually quicker than the route down at street level (which was always the fastest).  Quite satisfying in a nerdy highwalk-obsessed kind of way!  What's not to love though, it takes you away from all the people and traffic and lets you see everything from a different perspective.  Love it.  Also, I love this curvy section, which snakes its way around a part of the original London Wall.

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