Sheltering in the Storm

Its been such a wet day!

Thank you for all your lovely comments, stars and hearts for my 'gift' yesterday - it has reached the top of page 3 of Popular :)

I have spent most of the day at my lovely friend's house and am much calmed - having written the beginning of my sermon and I'll continue tomorrow.

And the good news is that Virgin Media has been in touch  (the highest point of the Complaints Dept), and they said the 'Build Engineer' wants to meet with me next week!    So whilst I am still not happy with what has happened at least there maybe a means to an end.  Two of my neighbours would also like to be involved as well!

In other news   Gutted doesn't describe me...worse - a heron or similar - arrived on the roof top opposite as I was sitting here!  I grabbed my camera and went to the end of the path and said bird flew away, so quickly I couldn't capture it...

Out this evening at our sister Church for Maundy Thursday Communion and I'm running a bit late now so apologies for lack of commenting!

Happy Thursday folks :)

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