By stuarteff

Living in a Box

Now then, in extras there's one for the Blue Collection cf here/then but I liked the above image for its...something or other.

It is 365 days until "Brexit" (not actually - 29/3/19 will be two years since Article 50 was "invoked" is that the right word? I'm getting bored already) I don't usually witter on in here as it's all about the images isn't it (isn't it? Again, I don't know and it doesn't really matter. (Does it?))(Are my brackets keeping up?). Perhaps it's something to do with visiting Leeds (cf last week- still didn't manage to meet up with my ex colleague. Medical trouble this time.) Anyway, The radio has been going on about it (Brexit, not my visit to Leeds) and when I say the Radio I mean BBC Radio 4 which is the only one worth listening to (Apart from 4 extra (which is 4 again) and perhaps 6) but as I said nothing is really happening in a year. Its all going to happen afterwards, if ever. And then we'll all just have to get on with it like we do. Some things will get worse some things might get better. You're born, you live then you die. If you're lucky you'll be remembered for something good. Mind how y'go. (Oh, Radio 3 is good too.)

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