Good Friday

If ever there was weather to match the original mood of the day of the Christian Crucifixion of Christ then we have it today - dismal, dreich, dank, dismal and utterly cheerless with an east wind that makes uncovered parts of the visage painful in the cold, -2° my I phone tells me it feels like.

I doubt very much whether the majority of present school children know what the significance of today is in the Christian calendar, given that school ‘prayers’ have gone in most non denominational schools and church going has decreased to alarming levels.
If they don’t know the origins of Good Friday, then I think the significance of Easter Sunday when it comes in 2 days will also be equally lost to them.

What Easter bunnies have to do with the occasion is what is lost to me, but with my never diminishing sweet tooth, despite all efforts to the contrary, I am happy to despatch one of the above to its demise.

The bright spot on today’s horizon is a meal with David and Luca at their house tonight. Apparently a spanking new bottle of Bailey’s awaits me, but I shall see that no vodka is added this time. That was a step too far; best to be able to navigate a sober and stately return home.

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