Panoramic view of Discovery Bay

A rather quiet, reflective day which has been lovely.

A little bit of spring cleaning at home and then later in the afternoon, the church gathering for a devotional Good Friday service at the Lookout. It was especially meaningful for me as this was Pastor James’ last one with us. He initiated this a few years ago, and I was really pleased about it. One of my fondest teenage memories was the Good Friday Devotional Service at the church I grew up in. So to be able to part of one again, after all these years has been really special.

It was a fairy clear day too and I was able to get a pretty decent panorama. The building in the thumbnail is our building and hence the wonderful views we get of the bay from the front side of our house.

Martin and I had some samosas by the waterfront after we walked down. We watched many visitors pass by as HKR have put on another event drawing in large crowds from all over Hong Kong.

We started watching A.D. Roman Empire in Netflix which started with the Crucifixion, quite appropriate too.

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