Reikes small life...

By Reike

I wanna hug this tree!

Actually, I did...

This morning's walk felt so much like being in paradise that I picked a picture of it for my blip rather than from the walk later on. 
The sun, the sounds, the flowers, and everything were just so perfect, and also Djeili found a dog to play with. 
More pics here.

Later we visited Farina who seems happy enough, had a walk in that area, and Philipp found a new friend at the yard. Have a look at the extra (If you know how tall Philipp is, you will be impressed!) to see Arco: He is nearly the size of a calf, weighs whooping 65kg, loves to sing in a chirpy voice, and all he wants from life is cuddles. 

P.S.: We are currently watching "The Loch" and I find it totally addictive!

P.P.S.: Philipp is not as cone-headed as it seems in the superwide angle pic. 

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