The Boab Tree

J and I got up very early and headed out for a McDonalds breakfast and then onto an early ramble around Kings Park. It's a 400 hectare park of mostly natural bush land very close to the city centre. Many of the stunning West Australian flowers and plants are carefully encouraged to grow here and the wonderful wildlife that live in their recreated natural habitats is a joy to experience.

In 2008 this 750 year old Boab tree - Gija Jumulu - was transported an epic 3200km from the Kimberley in the north of the state to a prime spot in Kings Park.
It's an amazing story and the tree today is thriving and a popular tourist destination.

While I was taking some shots of J standing in various poses in front of the Boab this lovely rainbow lorikeet popped out of a hole/burrow up high in the tree. She stayed there for a few minutes and I managed to get a couple of good shots before she disappeared back into her little den, she possibly is sitting on some eggs in there ;o)

We then moved onto the city and had morning tea and lunch around town. Completed some important Easter shopping and then headed onto G's for a little bit of afternoon tea. Whew! What a day it's been, wonderful in every way but I'm going to need a couple of days to get over it all. ;o)). J loved every minute of it!

In the extra's are three shots, first one is a couple of Black Cockatoo's, so beautiful but sadly a seriously endangered species, I was thrilled to see so many in the park! Extra's two and three are my favourite eucalypts, one pink and one lemon, so beautiful! (Sorry I changed the order of these, but you get the picture ;o)

I need to stumble off to bed, ah Sunday and oh yeah Monday too to recover and relax. Happy Easter Blippers xxxx

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