By jodieanna

Sunset in the Olympic Park

I know you are probably all bored of my sunsets by now, but I'm afraid, that is something that you are going to have to get used to.
I went to watch 'handball' in the olympics - a sport that neither I or any of my family had heard of, but the fact we even got tickets was fantastic.
I visted the Olympic Park afterwards with my parents, my younger brother, my grandmother, my mum's cousin, his wife and my second cousin, so for me, whether we were at the Olympics or not, it was going to be a good occasion. As I sat down to eat my Chinese, brought from the food market at the Olympic Market, I started to reflect on how fantastic the day had been, how lucky I was to get tickets and how lucky I was to have the family that I have. The sunset just added to this brilliant feeling.

Once again, I am ashamed to say, this is a photograph edited using the filters on instagram..

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