By Paladian

My First 100

100 Blip Day today, and I couldn't let pass without a celebration. A celebration of Blip and all it means to me. First of all my thanks go to HuwThomas who introduced me to this very special "Club". He introduced me to a new obsession, and quite frankly it's played havoc with my sport of indoor rowing - but to be honest I'd rather take photos any time than row indoors, so thank you Huw.

Second: my thanks to all of you - my friends out there - I didn't even know any of you three months ago, and now I feel so much part of this very special Blip family. You made me feel welcome from my very first blip.

And third of course, so many thanks to my dear Rower, who aids and abets me, (and lets me buy new lenses at the drop of a hat).

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