The Twins Again

See previous here. They popped round after swimming. Mummy had a new coat which funnily enough matched her daughters. I remember having a white coat like that too. I hope I can find a photo of it in the melee of photos that I'm cataloging at the moment.  Miss M was tired which is why she threw her head back probably thinking of her bed. 

Otherwise as I dont get long to take photos I had to adapt the background. This is in one way good as I get a lot of practice using Photoshop but on the other hand its fiddly and very time consuming but on the other hand I get some good ideas which I haven't executed here but will do sometime in the future.

Plan now is to go to a spinning class with Mrs Mummy and Grandad can look after Miss M. Miss M gave Grandad a big cuddle before she left.......thats second shot.

Another miserable soggy and cold day so that why we have to go to the spinning class.
NB Just to say that I survived the spinning class but had very wobbly knees afterwards.

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