Constant Bay......

......just out from the small settlement of Charleston, here on the West Coast of New Zealand.

Charleston was founded as a gold-mining settlement in early 1868. Constant Bay was the official port of entry for small sailing ships where skilful navigation was required to bring boats in without mishap as the opening is very narrow. 

The town is named after Captain Charles Bonner, master of the ketch, Constant, which brought supplies to the settlement. 

Constant Bay is one of my favourite spots here on the coast, if the weather had've been better we would've taken the walk out to the mouth but really it was too wet and dangerous to be out on those rocks with an in-coming tide.

A very quick shot taken with my phone as rain fell, rather liked the wider view. In my extra's another phone shot taken on the way home, you can really see the rain and layers of mist with trees slowly emerging - quite pretty I thought.

Dinner tonight at the Punakaiki Resort - just a bit fancy to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary of 32 years which was earlier in the month. Lovely to have a table looking out to the sea, shame about the weather but there was a hint of a sunset along the horizon, the food was divine! :)

Apologies this has become a backblip!

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