Beechmast Candlesnuff

Back in the autumn I went to a new site and found a very nice stand of mature Beech trees, something which is not too common in Leicestershire. Naturally, I had a good sift through the litter for Beechmast Candlesnuff. I found some, but it was only at the immature mycelium stage and the Country Recorder deemed it insufficiently convincing, which was fair enough. Back at the site again I had another look since this is a better time of year (actually a bit late - in a normal year) to find the mature fruiting bodies. Point to me I think! 

Beechmast Candlesnuff, Xylaria carpophila

Sony ILCE-6000
FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS
f11 1/80 ISO 3200 

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