Having a go at Markus's challenge using a pinhole lens on my Canon 70D.  I had the iso at 4000 and speed at 1/80 hand held.  I also put the flash on compulsory for this shot as I needed all the light I could get! Must try with a tripod and a much lower speed.  The high ISO is making the shot very grainy!

I find that when using a pinhole it is extremely difficult to see what you are taking.  The fact that I was shooting a lit bulb made that part easier! A couple of extras:  I did not use the flash for these.  The sun came out at the right time!!

My 'pinhole' is made using a hole in the middle of a lens cap and then sticking a piece of tape on this and making a tiny hole using a pin.

Many thanks to Markus for another of his great experimental photography challenges!  And we have two weeks to play!  (The first time round the tag was EP4)

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