Today was the day the snow fell all day, except for when the slush fell - or when the fog rolled in over the soggy mess. I knew it would be an indoor play sort of day and had thought I might force myself to do the books for my little company. 

Had broken sleep all night and was feeling "mellow", sustained myself with porridge and made a start. 4 hours later, with Keith working on some more of the maths on the other side of the kitchen table, I'm almost done!

It was great to have had the help of a professional last year, the first time I did anything like this, book-keeping and then doing my tax return. This year I have only a few things to work with as I have been having too much fun to go looking for jobs! So I decided to try doing it myself and see what the tax people say....

This is the way I try to introduce fun and loveliness, marbled folders, sticky notes in charming shapes and interesting pens. It works a bit at least. My brain seized up several times when the programme inthe computer doesn't compute like it should. But I got there in the end, and I have to admit it is fun when it starts to come together. I enjoy creating order, and sorting - and the logic of it fascinates me quite a lot. I appear to have broken just about even this year, which is a goal I set myself as a reasonable way to run a little company when I have a pension to live off.

So, my head was down all day really, apart from a mercy call with a good friend on the phone, and the time it took to make lentil soup. Thanks to emhowl for insisting that FUN should be on the list of things to do! It was fun finishing!!! And to lynnfot for reminding me about the different sorts of "work" on the to do list. 

In other news: how low will the right wing gutter press go in their obsessive rubbishing of Jeremy Corbyn? And will it backfire on them as I truly hope it might? (advertisers leaving in droves etc) And how will it influence the local elections in May? It shows how worried "they" are that the accusations and constant attacks just keep on coming, if Corbyn was a no hoper they could all pack it in, surely? (and go back to writing other nonsense)

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