Autobahn Deer

I saw many deer right next to the Autobahn. I count 7 in this blip and it doesn't show all I saw.
There are bridges (or better underpasses) about 500 m left and right where they can cross the Autobahn safely. I hope they know.
There is another road on the right crossing the Bruch (where I came from) and so many times I've watched them cross that road, leaving me close to a heart attack when I watch them run and jump that direction. I'm always crossing the Bruch very carefully here. Some people don't like that (especially those driving behind me...).
What I've never seen here are wild boars (live); but I know they are there somewhere. Sometimes I see them next to the very same road, very dead. That's so sad (and dangerous).

On todays walk I was checking out the area where the village plans to dam the little streams crossing the Bruch to a Kranichwoog (a crane pond). It's very wet in the Bruch (a former swamp), it will not take long for the pond and I can't wait. I hope someone tells the cranes.

20;15; 12°C

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