Indoor Daffs

Boringly quiet day today at work!  Hope tomorrow is busier!

I've been awake since 4am.due to worrying about the Virgin Media stuff - typed out all I wanted to say....  He appreciates how upset I am about it which is something.  I will get a letter of apology as I (and two of my neighbours did not get leafleted or knocked before they started work)!

Apparently the far end of our drives is 'services' ..... so they don't need permission to dig from us - only from the Council!!

So an apology, but no compensation, apart from the fact they will replant the small area of garden that was dug up....

Just proud I didn't cry, although feeling emotional...

Now I'm exhausted, and probably going to head to bed fairly soon when I've done some ironing.  Still have lots to do towards the weekend too...

Another day gone, another day without my Boy!  Found it really hard coming home to an empty house today :(  

There is a cat I'm hoping to meet when I'm back from my weekend away, if she isn't homed in the meantime!  If she is, she's not right for me and there'll be another :)

Happy Wednesday folks :)

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