Ships ahoy!

Two very different types of sailing vessels harboured this evening.  The 'Eendracht' in the foreground and the cruise ship in the background.  We see many different boats/ships sailing through the ports and someday soon we will take the visitor boat trip around the docks so that we have a better idea of this vast shipping area.  Some information below on the Eendracht:

1989 Ship
The Eendracht is a three masted schooner from the Netherlands, built in 1989 at the Damen shipyard after a design by W. de Vries Lentsch. She is now run on a charter base by Stichting het Zeilend Zeeschip and used as a sail training ship to give young people an introduction to the sea. This is the second "Eendracht", Eendracht meaning 'unison' in the Dutch language. The first vessel run by the same foundation was a two masted schooner, which was sold to German owners and now sails under the name of "Johann Smidt"

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