By wellsforzoe

Easter School, Tea and bead makes it Five Star

4th April 2018.

The girls in our Girl Child Project have school holidays now, so we have an Easter School to help them out.

Its not all hard work and the programme is very varied, providing for Fun, Food and Games amidst all the study.

Our new sleeping accommodation is open, so they sleep on mats, on the floor. Its on the first floor, so upstairs in a novelty for them.

Also a novelty is tea with lots of milk and sugar, with white sliced pan is like the best treat ever.

I see some classes are making our re-usable sanitary pads, some are having talks on Child-Protection and safety, more have Maths, some do Drama, Singing and even drawing and Painting.

It costs alot but maybe for many its the only pampering they'll ever get.
Our matrons and cooks look after them very well.

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