Cirque Berserk

G, M and I went to see Cirque Berserk today at the theatre in Norwich. I really enjoyed it, but have to admit that sitting in the big top watching the circus is nicer than having petrol smells etc in an enclosed theatre!  There were tumblers, acrobats, aerialists, a knife thrower, juggler, a very funny 'physical comedy' duo, and a motorcycle 'globe of death' team. This flaming pole limbo section looked stunning and was the only thing I was capable of capturing on my compact camera. Bizarrely they welcomed photography.   

The latest on my DVD issue is that my new 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc player that won awards in 2017 is confirmed as not playing correctly the recent 4K discs of Dunkirk or Blue Planet II and as a result I've had to change it for a newer model to be delivered. No doubt the firmware will be updated and the issue resolved, but that can't be confirmed by the manufacturer - how mad is that!!!

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