Penguin Droppings

By gen2

Maybe a Sunset

This business seems to have had its day.

Logo seems a bit 'Art Deco' so owner is probably retired by now.
I wonder too whether the colour scheme put off some potential customers?

Maybe in fact the business is not defunct at but has just gone into hibernation whilst the tourists are away?

Who knows?
Anyway, it typifies an off-season view of the Brighton seafront where there are more closed shop fronts than there are open ones.

I was surprised to find one artist's gallery still open and witnessed a scammer trying to con the owner out of £50.
A man with 'supposedly poor English' (which he was using to his advantage to cover up any mistakes he made) was trying to convince the woman in charge that he was a passenger in her brother-in-law's car which had been clamped. Her b-i-l had only £30 cash but needed to pay £80 within the next 20 minutes (note the assumed urgency) or it would be towed away and incur a charge of over twice that.
He was also fishing for the name of the owner of the adjacent gallery - presumably to involve him.
I went back later and confirmed that neither had fallen for the scam and the guy had just wandered off slowly along the seafront in no rush to return to any 'clamped car'.

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