Just when I thought I had 4 shots of an unusual bird at 8am, and blip sorted, I was about to make our evening meal when I saw this bird eating his meal! 

Change of plan. Get camera out of bag. Change lens. Jostle for position with The Man. ( I can't believe he had the right lens on!) Take 122 shots of the sparrowhawk devouring something. Hope it isn't this morning's rarity!

Delete 50 shots of him having his head down with his back to me. Make a shortlist not so short list of 55. Whittle it down to 7. Choose 2 to edit. Post this one. It was a dull evening and it had to be through the window so it's a bit grainy, sorry.

The shot is reminding me to tell you (Because he's on the post where our squireel feeder goes) we saw a healthy red squirrel in the garden yesterday! Some of you will know that several weeks ago I blipped one with the dreaded virus. We did as we were advised and took down the feeding box and disinfected it and are refraining from putting it back up for a month.

In other news we had a brilliant 2nd day with our photography student. i'm beginning to realise our strength is being willing to do private tuition and therefore tailor our courses to the students interests/needs.

Today we have, I hope, moved a lady on with a photographic aid to her business, the skill to do more shots at home when she needs to and, in the longer term, self-employment.

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