Pictorial blethers

By blethers


The is the southern end of Loch Eck on a gloomy afternoon with a slight rain falling. The water looks completely black, apart from the paler shallows next to the field - the loch almost always looks black from the hill on the other side, as it's very steep-sided, but today even from the shores it looked pretty dramatic. The coloured blobs on the surface are the buoys for mooring the boats belonging to the owners/visitors of the chalets on the loch side - I like the colour contrast on a day like this.

We hadn't meant to walk as far as we did, in the end - we'd already scrubbed the moss off the garden shed in the morning and were tired even before we started, but the muddy track along the loch was less muddy than it's been in ages and seduced us to go much further than we intended. As a result my Fitbit is very pleased with me, though it translated all the scrubbing into walking, the only activity I've programmed it to recognise so far. It thinks I walked 12.23 km today, and used up a pleasing 2,050 calories - not bad, huh?

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