River of Flowers

By doffy

Easter Monday: Muscat, Oman

Arrived in Muscat, very dry heat in mid 30s early this morning.
We took the shuttle bus from ship to the Souk and wandered around for a while but soon got too hot. Sat for a drink in a street side café, mango laksa for MrD and iced tea for me, I spent the Omani currency I'd stolen from The Sailor's stash of foreign currency :-)) xx it also stretched to a very small tip for the young waiter who couldn't have been more pleased!
Extra photo ...
Back to the ship for an early lunch, sorted some internet time for myself, did some reading and made a new friend from Belfast.
Listened to a pair of very talented pair of young women who were the entertainment for this evening, Indigo May, who sang a wide range of styles of music.

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