Was It Really So Long Ago

By LincolnGreen

Playing Fields

Master H was interested only in going to a play area only with swings and slides in it. The play area at Highwoods, or at Jimmy's Farm just wouldn't cut the mustard!

Beloved and his sisters were enjoying a day out in London, watching Strictly Ballroom, so it was just he and I, at his choice over the car on a walk to the playing fields. We'd made it nearly ¾ of the way there before he was too tire to go any further and needed to be carried. With some distraction, he made it!

After a pit-stop and a cuppa at Nan's it was time to go home and cook a meal. The menu choice was just pie, but one with peas and carrots inside it, chips, tomato sauce and a side order of more peas and carrots. These details are worthy of record as there was little hesitation. The boy knows what he wants...

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