One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The Birthday Boy

Uncle Frank is eighty. And keeping the tempo.
Here he is on drums, accompanied on the piano by Tony Bennett (not kidding, I too thought that one of Frank's mates was taking the piss when he told me that Tony Bennett would be on the piano. Apparently there is more than one Tony Bennett...) 

A great evening it was, and night, and into the wee hours. 
The catering and free bar may have cost Uncle Frank the equivalent of one successful ad campaign in the 80s (Frank came up with the slogan for Brennan's bread back in the days - Today's bread, today) .

Large family reunions these days mostly take place at funerals, which in fairness are a mixture of sad and happy occasions. It was good to attend a happy-happy occasion. 

I was kind of semi-official photographer for the occasion. Frank likes candid, non-posed photographs, which happen to be my favourite kind of photos too (I made balls of the one request for a shot of Frank with his immediate family). 

It was also good to see Pepe come out for the night and hang around, with his trademark glass of wine in hand (it was merely a prop though, as he only took tiny tiny sips - the chemo gives wine a dreadful taste). 

Aunty Claire babysat the kids. They played cards, and she gave them a 20 euro note each before going to bed (way beyond the curfew indicated by Mrs Raheny). She is their new favourite babysitter! 

All in all, a great time was had by all. 

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