Red Landscape with Tree

is my Blip submission today. I have a few others which are very different but I thought this was a lucky shot. It is not in the "normal " type range of photographs but hey who wants that ? In fact I should try harder myself to occasionally think out of the box but because I use my journal as a diary I feel it should contain some kind of normality !!!  Whatever !

J and M popped in with their Mum for a short time. Mum went out to do a bit of shopping and I took them for a walk. We stopped at the playpark and his nibs got up to the top of the slide and decided that it was too wet to come down. I tried to get him down by other means but he wasn't confident. Anyway his mum arrived back just in time and suggested he slide down on a plastic bag. Result Mummy. M was tired as she missed out on her sleep as she was at yet another party. I carried on with my walk and found a new nice walk. It's a maze around here but rather interesting. Sun came out and it might get colder later so I took some stuff from the Greenhouse in to the house.

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