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By Squatbetty

Green's the colour of spring

Another frustrating day and ended up breaking down in tears twice. Pretty unusual for me. 

Clicked on the link in the PDF to see where I needed to send my 60-page interrogation DWP form, it asked me to put in my postcode and then told me that there was no office found. Hmm. Tried phoning to enquire and after half an hour of listening to Vivaldi's Four Seasons played on a Casio keyboard I hung up. I don't want to hear La primavera ever, EVER again. Anyway, sent it off (hopefully to the right place, but I don't really know for sure!) after queuing in the Post Office for 20 minutes with someone coughing on the back of my neck the whole time.

Headed to the park to calm down but it was busy and noisy so it didn't really help... although I did have a nice walk down by the river. On my way home I saw a woman helping herself to some daffodils growing in the park. I honestly felt like yelling at her.

People... ugh. I despair.

Oh and my laptop crapped out on me. It's been getting slower and slower and today I got a black screen of death. Lurkio suggested downloading and running Malwarebytes which I did. It found and removed loads of malware and other crap that shouldn't have been there which concerned me as I'm really overly careful online. It also worries me that Windows Defender didn't pick up on any of this. Anyway, it seems to be running much better now... no crashes all afternoon and the fan hasn't started churning away either. Bonus!

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