Every Picture Tells a Story

I have taken the above Mono Monday theme literally.
Some time ago I purchased an old well worn book in an antiques shop, with the purpose of using some of the illustrations as framed pictures.

The book is called Storyland in Pictures for Boys and Girls. It was published around 1901 in London by Calcott & Beavis.  My Internet research has told me very little,  although I found an image of a similar book called  Happy Hours in Storyland  published by McLoughlin Bros.  New York in 1901.

When I prepared the picture for framing I cut out phrases relating to the girl in the portrait and the roses.  My favourite is "Perhaps you are not beautiful in face, but you may have a sweet fragrance in your looks, words and actions. "

I think she is very beautiful. Does this picture tell a story? You decide.

(Thanks to Chantler 63 for hosting this interesting challenge)

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