By TrevorKing66


Today Vicki went for her scan, Devon was back to school and the eldest lads returned home at 09.00 after watching Wrestlemania at a friends house.

Which left me with Kiedis until Vicki returned.

The weather started off well which gave me the opportunity to nip in to Glossop to buy a pencil roll, get some work done on my motorbike and mow the back lawn.

However in the time that it took Vicki to go and come back from her scan I managed to try out a bit of Digiscoping. It's new to me but as you can see the result was pretty good. The Jackdaw was high up in a neighboring tree, it was quite difficult to line my mobile up in the eyepiece, but managed in the end. I don't think that I will be able to cope with a moving subject!  

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