Nuthatch Love

If you spend as much time as I do with wildlife, you get very excited when opportunity to observe their unique behaviour arises.  Today I was delighted to see a pair of White Breasted Nuthatch defend their nest!  There were several squirrels in the area when I saw the male take a piece of hair (likely off a dead squirrel!) and 'sweep' it back and forth across the branch.  The nest is likely just out of sight in the nook of the tree.  When one squirrel tried going closer, the male spread his wings and walked up and down and around the area to show dominance. Finally, I got a photo of Mr and Mrs once the danger had left the area (extras).  Guaranteed I will be keeping a close eye on this area to see if I can't spot the babies as they leave the nest!

So cool  : )

I hope your day was equally good!

D x

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