Many hours inbetween flights in Sydney, Mr P wanted to see if it had changed in the 31 years since he worked there for a year. To be honest he couldn't remember.  Circular Quay looked the same but he thinks there are more restaurants, surprise surprise. Could not resist this iconic shot of the Opera House because the light was perfect and you can see the individual tiles making up the roof.   There are actually two colours as can be seen in the extra taken by Mr P. Not a great shot but you can see the two toned tiles. The white ones are glossy, the off white ones matt. It was toooo hot to walk far; 31 C and its autumn; couldn't live here. 
Have caught up with Blip for the days when we had no wifi or 4G,  now sitting in Hong Kong airport. I have backblipped 1, 2 and 4 April. 

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