Tiny Lobster

is what I'm calling it although I have no idea of its name and I didn't take a photograph to show the scale although it is only a few mm in length. Extra will give you more of an idea of its scale although these are fish.

Mr AF went out on a mission today and left me to it. I got a message from him saying that the bin men had left a mess outside our house of stale bread........yuck...............might have been my fault for not bagging it up. It was my job, I thought to clean it up and boy was it cold out there. fingers freezing. Had to get the hose too it too. Must stop talking about it as I feel a bit sick.

When he came home tired I went out on my mission..................I didn't intend to go to the local aquarium but that's where these photos come from.............its where the kids like to go when we go to this place that I pretend to hate on account of the prices !!! Mr AF said.....dont buy another plant but I couldn't help myself. It was a bargain but unnamed and nobody there knew what it was. I should have asked for more money off !!! I found it on the internet but I wont say yet as I'm sure to blip it !!!!!!

Made an easy and delicious tomato Salsa. Normally its a palaver but this is Jamie Oliver's one We had this with a burger bought by Mr AF..........not the best......................always make your own food. Its far healthier

Late blip cause I couldn't leave the Senate's questioning of Mark Zuckerberg 

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