This is a kantele - a traditional Finnish zither-like instrument. Played as part of a duet called Alea in a concert at Arkadia, it was the first time either of us have come across one. Lovely 'bell-like' sound. And a beautiful object to boot. The concert was very enjoyable - more riffs on Finnish folk music, including some original compositions by the artists that played around with traditional idioms. Afterwards we went to Aito for dinner, taking advantage of an offer on their four course meals - beautiful cooking as ever with a lemon and liquorice desert being probably the highlight (Finnish sweet tooth, etc.). When we got back here, my back was aching after a session on the cross trainer earlier where I had jacked up the incline level. The difference in angle placed new demands on my back which I don't think it was quite ready for. So I headed to bed straight away. [Anyway, I was fine on Wednesday morning after a good sleep, so no harm done].

My troublesome hip seems to be in better shape than before, as a result of my efforts to walk 'correctly' (and to do calf raises). It's possible there is some wear and tear in that area, but it is also possible that what was bothering me before was either muscular or tendon-related, excerbated by limping. Forcing myself not to limp seems to be the answer. Good news either way.

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