Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

1264. Classic Selfie!

Now I’m getting a bit carried away.....I am LOVING sketching on my iPad.....who would have thought that it could be so easy? I can pop the photo up on the screen next to my sketch and even put a grid over it to draw it means that if I want to draw when I’m travelling I don’t need to cart around a huge heavy sketch book either...

Sorry to bore you all with my creations but I’m so enjoying myself with this at the moment but as soon as the sun starts shining again I will be back to taking photos especially as I have some more to do on this week’s homework for AYWMC....which is all about light and fact I may have to do it indoors with my lighting instead so that I finish it on the next lesson is due to start tomorrow..

Housework this morning then lunch out with the viewing later (I’m after some fountain pens....surprise...surprise!) followed by the auction tomorrow.....

My extras are a couple of more sketches and the oldest boy’s completed socks,

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