Breaking Light Over Skytop Farm Pond

Fortuosity is a good word to describe it. I was driving to work, booking along quite handily in fact, on my way to an early meeting, when the school bus in front of me put on its lights and pulled to a stop by a little pond I know and love.

Instead of sitting and fuming, as it is so tempting to do when being forced to wait when one is in a hurry, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade. So I pulled my car over onto the side of the road and got out and took some pictures.

I know I have mentioned that many of my photo stops are brief. This one was about two and a half minutes. I took maybe two dozen shots, from various angles. Conditions were a bit mystical, as it was snowing lightly and the sky had a hazy glow to it.

The timing was excellent. Just as I pulled the car over, the sun started to shine. It was like someone turned a light on just for me. Through the clouds and snow, the sun arrived, and cast its reflection onto the waters.

It suddenly became a world full of light: light boundless, light forever, light eternal. I do not know all things, but I know this one. There are few better things in life than to start one's day in contemplation of the beauties of this world, and most specifically . . . the reflection of light on water.

The song: Paul Simon, Love Is Eternal Sacred Light.

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