Abstract Thursday: Repetition

Ingeborg has chosen "Repetition" as today's AT theme.

Having checked the weather forecast and found that within the next few days the temperature might actually manage to struggle up into double figures (Celsius that is!), I thought it was probably about time to swap from the winter tyres to the summer ones. So I spent a happy couple of hours jacking up one corner of the car at a time and doing the swap.

Last year I had a b----r of a time separating the wheels from the hubs as the winter salt had rusted them on. In fact I had to seek assistance from a friendly local garage to get one of them off (he used progressively more and more force, eventually resorting to a sledge hammer!). So when I put the winter wheels on last November I smeared a tiny layer of high-temperature grease on the hubs before putting the wheels on: Hey Presto, they came off easily today, whoopee!

So of course I wangled a photo of the wheels into today's blip theme. This is a single photo, copied and repetitively pasted in Photoshop, rotating each repetition slightly and reducing the opacity of each layer to 30% (I left the base layer at 70% to make one of the repetitions a little brighter). Then I thought I would like it against a red background to spice it up a bit.

Thanks as always to Ingeborg for hosting AT.

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