Bagger Wood - Fading Beech Leaves

Bank first thing, to meet Marion and sort out our Tain Chi account followed by coffee and supermarket shop. Ann's still not well with this awful cough she's had all week, so she finally managed to phone the doctors and they are going to see her this afternoon. It's been more than a week since it started.
I stopped off at Bagger Wood, South Yorkshire, on the way home to take a few photos and was disappointed to find quite a bit of dog mess on the path that is parallel to the road. I didn't go very far because it is wet and muddy and I didn't have my wellies but in that short distance I came across several piles of disintegrating muck. I wonder if some people just let their dogs free to run up the path in bad weather! I've not noticed this being a problem before and I feel sure that the many responsible dog owners wouldn't want their own reputations sullied by the few irresponsible ones. I've written this last paragraph as a message to the Woodland Trust, but I decided to share it here too. It's such an unpleasant thing to encounter and a health hazard too.

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