Today's Special

By Connections


I spotted this elegant cat as we headed out for breakfast, and was delighted at how friendly it was, once I was within petting range. Although I haven’t had a resident cat for more than two decades, I do enjoy their company and consider myself a “cat person.”

Yesterday’s travel, which we’d expected to be easy — a short flight from Bellingham to Seattle, a brief wait, then another short flight, this time from Seattle to Portland — turned out to be more complex, due to bad weather and delays. We arrived at our Airbnb quite tired, with only enough energy to walk a few blocks to a little pub that has a good beer selection and good food.

We did a little more today, including buying some groceries and having both breakfast and supper out (back to that little pub...).

Craft beer is the focus, so it’s off to another pub with excellent food and beer tomorrow...

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