Today was very much like yesterday.. no rain and some sunshine. There were a few black thunder clouds around but luckily they passed away.

I had another visit to the garden centre to get a Rhododendron plant for Akaora. They had 25% off. I did want a red one but had to settle for a pink one. They only had the tall ones left in the red and I only wanted a small compact one. There had been a Heather growing where I want to plant this one. The Heather for some reason had died. It wasn't planted in the best position for it, so I wasn't too upset.

I also got John another present to for his birthday tomorrow.

After putting up my grandfather yesterday I thought I would put my grandmother up today. I would say this was taken around the late 1890's or 1900. I never meet her either as she died when my mother was 14 of a brain tumor.

I only had one grandparent alive when I was born and he died when I was four and I can just remember him.

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