Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

It's that time of year again

Yes blipmates, there are lots of men hanging around railway bridges with cameras and videos.  I got shushed here when I was having a lovely chat with a chap.  Shushed because the train was coming and someone was starting to film and didn't want my scintillating conversation recorded.  Well I never!

I did this trip last year.  The train comes in from Maitland and goes around the western basin on the port.  The best thing about it is the return trip when they let it rip on the Hexham plains and we go chuff chuff chuff at a cracking pace.

On the way I came across a horrendous accident where a woman had rolled her car and smashed into a light pole.  Thank goodness the people who had stopped managed to get her out and she seemed very shaken but relatively uninjured.  It's amazing to think that she got out alive of the wreck.  I stopped but there were enough people around and the ambulance and police were called, people were directing traffic so it was all under control.

As I am typing this a huge storm has come in. The sky has turned golden and we are getting some rain.  Fingers crossed it keeps it up.  At least it has cooled down another 30C day.  Cooler weather is forecast for Tuesday.  Bring it on....

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