By tookie

Looking in....

yellow tulip in sepia tone looking into it with the wee glass orb.

Worst fears realized with the bombing of Syria.....hoping resolution comes fast and peace can be attained, but very much horrified that even more innocents will perish or end up in refugee camps...then we won't allow them to come here.... see here  

Question to ponder:    

I've met a fair number of serving officers in the U.S. military. They're very impressive -- smart, sophisticated, well-informed. And they take honor very seriously. What must it be like for them now? 1/
They know perfectly well that the current commander-in-chief is a man of no honor whatsoever -- dishonest, corrupt, quite possibly being blackmailed by a hostile foreign power. 2/

Could such a man deliberately wag the dog? That is, might he engage in military action -- killing people, and putting U.S. servicemen and women at risk -- to distract from his scandals? Of course he could. 3/

Was the Syria strike an example? Not clear. But the suspicion is obvious and unavoidable. And who knows what comes next? So if you're in the military, you have to be asking yourself: how do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a pee tape? 4/”  (Paul Krugman)

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