By Saffi

In flower?

I was in the garden deadheading the daffodils when I noticed a lot of dust coming from somewhere nearby.  It is the first time I have ever noticed the old conifer shedding its seed from these delicately coloured flowers (?), there was literally a cloud every time the breeze blew gently towards us.  We often think of chopping the tree down since it is on its last legs but the occasional Goldcrest hops about in its branches and its skywards end provides a good perch for the larger birds - and now this!

Spring has returned and the old lawn mower was put on the lawn for the second time.  The grass is so long where I failed to finish earlier and since it is a mulching lawn mower it is leaving trails of cut grass which will have to be raked up the first time.  Fine after that.  Just a lot of hard work!

Oh yes, I noticed Brimstone and Peacock butterflies for the first time this afternoon in the sun.

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