Et in Arcadia Erg

Four years ago I bought a motorbike, thinking I’d enjoy riding it as much as I did the bike I had pre-children. But that’s not how it worked out; I’ve barely used it and I've decided to sell it.

It’s due an MOT next week and as I haven’t ridden it since I took it for its last MOT a year ago I thought I’d better see whether it would start. To my total astonishment it did, first time. So I headed off on a run to make the battery and engine happy. It didn’t matter at all where I went so I followed my nose, got lost in various country lanes, recognised some village names and carried on. Eventually my homing instinct took me to Didcot power station, which is probably as good a reason for owning a motorbike as any.

The power station itself is in extras; this is the path around it. Not what you’d expect, eh?

21 miles there, 14 miles back – because I knew where I was going on the way back and because Oxford is signposted from everywhere. 

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