Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Quiet river

This is the Massan burn, in its lower reaches just next to the clachan in Glen Massan. Its pools lie dark and still under the trees, in complete contrast to the roaring torrent that tumbles down the gorge from the upper glen, itself a lovely hanging valley in the glaciated landscape. We hadn't intended walking here at all today, and indeed had started off to drive elsewhere, but the sky looked a tad brighter to the north at the time ...

Whatever brought us here, it was a lovely walk. We saw a red squirrel, so dark as to appear almost black, darting out of Benmore Gardens and across the road into the bushes of the river bank, just missing the appearance of a large tractor roaring down the road. And in the upper glen we saw some cute black-face lambs with their mum and spoke to a large, bored-looking sheep that crossed a bridge to look at us. 

Simple pleasures ...

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