Not a Kiwi

There was actually a sunrise this morning :-)

We took a water taxi to Ulva Island (7 minutes away) which is conservation area with no predators, except the occasional rat. About one a year arrives as a stowaway and traps are in place to catch them.
We got very excited when we thought we had spotted some kiwis. The cameras were going overtime and we were surprised at how tame they were. However when they came really close, to the point of investigating our bags, we had second thoughts and consulted the guide book to discover they were Stewart Island Wekas.
No offence to wekas, but it was a bit of a let down.
We went for a walk after dark in search of a real kiwi but no luck. You can do a guided tour to look for them but at $299 each I think we have to give it a miss.

The extra is a view from Observation Rock on Stewart Island.
It looks like it has been processed but is SOOC.

Back to the mainland on the 8am ferry tomorrow.

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