By HaxSyn

While I pondered weak and weary

Ok, it's not "the bleak December" nor is it "a midnight dreary" and that might not even be a Raven.

Another grey day, although it did stay dry and wasn't really that cold (although it certainly wasn't warm!). I decided to take a short walk around Edinburgh Old Town and lacking anything interesting to photograph I ended up at Greyfriars Cemetery. It's been a while since I've walked around the cemetery and it looks as if they've done some work. A number of the gravestones look to have been repaired and there are little labels on lots of the plants that I have never noticed before.

Edinburgh is full of old cemeteries and it's worth visiting at least one (most are open to the public during the day), reading the various gravestones make for a fascinating look into the past. Greyfriars is obviously the most popular with tourists due to the legend of "Greyfriars Bobby" but other's worth visiting including Canongate Kirk and Calton Hill burial ground (old and new).

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