Rising to the Challenge

Photographing something pink for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month challenge has been a personal challenge for me, as pink is not among my favorite colors.

When I was growing up, I rarely heard the words breast cancer, but in recent years it's become rare to meet someone who hasn't been touched in one way or another by this all-too-common disease. The worthy goals of the international Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign --
to create greater awareness of breast cancer, promote early detection, and raise funds for research -- sent me searching for something pink in my home.

I was pleased when I came across this original art, created for us by a friend of my daughter's some years ago. It depicts our Australian shepherds, Jack and Annie, in their younger days, although they never actually had a hot air balloon ride.

The artist captured their personalities perfectly from photos we sent her, and we smile in fond memory of our beloved dogs every time we look at this cheerful collage. I hope it brings a smile to your day, as well!

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