Astrantia & Bee

What a lovely day I've had - some chores in town this morning.  Our Miss Ella is having a birthday soon so had to get that organised and into the post. Her birthday is on Anzac Day but the family are off on Sunday to Los Angeles and then to Hawaii, lucky ones.

But it was all about the afternoon - my blip friend flying and her husband called this afternoon.  We had heaps to natter about, we decided its been almost four years since we last got together.
She has recently bought the amazing Sony RX10 M4.  We compared notes, ideas, frustrations, settings and both decided its an awesome camera, but takes a while for the two Canon gals to become comfortable with it.
It was late when I thought of a blip, the sun had set when I had a quick mooch in the garden.  Found this rather sad bee on an equally sad Astrantia.....both pretty much had their day I'm thinking.

Warm today - 20 degs.


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